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Enable layers for offline mapping

You can enable offline viewing and editing of feature layers in your ArcGIS Enterprise portal. To take feature data offline from an ArcGIS Enterprise portal, you must enable sync on the feature layer and add the sync-enabled feature layer (or layers) to a map that is enabled for offline use.

You can also configure hosted tile layers (raster and vector) and cached map services to be taken offline.


ArcGIS clients and developer SDKs will progressively add support for offline map use and the sync capability in feature services. The first clients to support working with maps while offline are ArcGIS Collector and ArcGIS Runtime SDKs.

How you enable sync on a feature layer depends on whether you are using a hosted feature layer or an ArcGIS Server feature layer (feature service).

Enable a hosted feature layer for offline mapping

If you enable offline editing (sync) from ArcGIS Pro or ArcMap when you publish a hosted feature layer to your portal, the data is automatically configured to allow synchronization to occur. If you publish a hosted feature layer from a file in your portal, enable sync from the Settings tab of the hosted feature layer's details page. See Manage hosted feature layers for instructions.

Enable an ArcGIS Server feature layer for offline mapping

Before you can enable an ArcGIS Server feature layer for offline mapping, you must prepare the source data. See Prepare data for offline use in the ArcGIS Server help for details.

Enable hosted tile layers for offline mapping

You can include hosted tile layers as read-only layers in your offline map. To do this, you need to enable the layer for offline use. See Manage hosted tile layers for instructions.

Enable cached map services for offline mapping

As with hosted tile layers, cached map services can be included in your offline maps as read-only layers. To do this, you must allow clients to export the cache tiles. See Configure a map image layer in the ArcGIS Pro help for information.

Next steps

Once you enable sync or offline mapping on the layers you need to take offline, add the layers to a map and enable the map for offline use.